ANTISEL understands the importance and the value of the customer’s samples. To ensure sample quality we proudly carry the Thermo Scientific Cold Storage program for more than 30 years. The program includes a diverse range of equipment and accessories that can accommodate temperatures from -196°C.

A)The Cryopreservation Storage portfolio includes:

  • The Cryomed Controlled Rate Freezers prepare the samples prior to cryogenic storage. They can be used for Vials, straws or bags. They feature an integrated control system (consisting of freezing chamber, microprocessor control and printer – all in one bench top unit) allowing multiple freezing profiles to be tailored to specific protocols. The Front and Top Loading units are especially designed for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) protocols
  • The CryoPlus Sample Storage Systems provide the ideal combination of quick sample access, liquid nitrogen storage reliability, microprocessor auto-fill technology and storage capacity from 6.318 to 38.500 1.2-2.0ml vials
  • The CryoExtra High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage Systems are large capacity, high efficiency storage solutions that offer outstanding sample protection and storage capacities up to 93.000 1.2-2.0ml vials
  • The Locator PLUS storage systems is a cost effective solution for the storage of tubes in canes or boxes
  • Finally the BioCane is a cost-effective solution for the storage of canes

B) The Forma Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers portfolio includes the Forma -860C Freezers and the -400C 7000 series.

  • The latest 88000 Series with outstanding performance, vacuum panel construction, increased sample capacity, energy savings technology and sophisticated Touch Screen Controller.
    To experience the innovation and features of the Ultra Low Temperature 88000 freezers, please try the Screen Simulator.
  • The classic 900 Series single or double door models with outstanding performance
  • The 8600 Series chest freezers

8600 Series

C) The High Performance Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers portfolio includes various models including Blood Banks and Plasma Freezers.

D) The General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers portfolio. The portfolio includes the ES and GPS series and it is cost effective.