3D scanning is a process of determining the shape of an object in three-dimensional space.
By scanning a model object we collect in a computer system the 3D scan data and therefore
we have the ability to recreate a high resolution, accurate 3D digital model of the real-world object.

3D scan data is often used as a bridge between physical objects and modern manufacturing.
This is achieved by converting the data into computer-aided design (CAD) models, using it to compare
against the “as-designed” ideal of the part, or using it in computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications.

The devices that capture 3D information are referred to as a 3D scanners.
There are many different types of scanners.

Typical applications for 3D Scanners include:

●  Quality control in manufacturing facility’s production lines
● Reproduction and archival purposes for arts and archaeology
● Reverse engineering to analyze actual objects
● Machinery, mold and tool making applications
● Education and metrology applications