An excellent and broad range of Blood grouping reagents both classic liquid technique and innovative gel technique, applied either in semi or fully
automated systems. Advanced disposable material, which are improving laboratory practice/hygiene.

Gel Technique


Complete range of gel card system, comprising of 6 column & 8 column gel cards in a wide selection of card configurations covering all relevant applications in blood group serology, as well as red blood cells, reagents, Quality control kits plus a number of products for the manual workplace and a choice of automated instruments.

– ABO grouping
– Rhesus phenotyping
– Cross matching
– IAT Testing
– DAT Testing
– Internal Quality Control

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Manual Technique


Disposable plastic plates for in vitro diagnostic use.
Reduce risk of contamination inherent in the manipulation of potentially infectious material in agglutination testing
(Blood grouping, Rhesus phenotyping, reverse ABO grouping).

CE Certifified
Available configurations:

– Serowhite 5 5 series x 5 wells
– Serowhite 6 5 series x 6 wells
– Serowhite 7 5 series x 7 wells
– Serowhite 8 5 series x 8 wells
– Serowhite 9 5 series x 9 wells
– Serowhite 10 5 series x 10 wells
– Serowhite 11 5 series x 11 wells
– Serowhite 12 5 series x 12 wells