For a wide range of clinical and research applications, ANTISEL is offering the Thermo Scientific line of Centrifuges. Varying from a personal Microcentrifuge, up to a Floor Standing Blood Bank model, these products will meet most of the needs in any laboratory. The Thermo Scientific IVD Certified Centrifuges offer a number of exceptional quality features, such as the unique Auto-Lock Rotor system for rotor exchange within 5 seconds without the need for tools, the Click-Seal certified system, the ultra-high capacity of the BIOLiner Rotor, and the Non-Corrosive Lightweight Carbon Fiber rotors.
More on these applications:
Microcentrifuges: Micro Cl17&21, Personal Microcentrifuge
Clinical and Research Bench Tops:SL16&40, CL10, MR 23i
High Capacity Floor Standing Centrifuges

Teaming the Thermo Scientific centrifuges up with the Corning Life Sciences Disposable Centrifuge Tubes you will find most of your Application needs covered. For more click here.