PCR amplification real time PCR

A variety of thermal cyclers are offered by ANTISEL to cover the needs of every laboratory in performance, robustness, speed and reliability. From Industry-standard AB 9700 to the innovative Veriti (system) with the proprietary VeriFlex block, a complete range to meet your present and future needs. Learn more

ab 072

Gel documentation and analysis

ANTISEL provides solutions by DNR Bio-Imaging Systems, the most experienced bio-imaging developer in the world, that manufactures high-quality, professional gel documentation and analysis equipment for the Life Science research community.Learn more

Genetic analysis

ANTISEL is confident that in the field of Genetic Analysis it has the fastest, easiest and more cost-effective product range. Learn more

genetic analysis


Complete range of confocal laser microarray slides scanner for a wide range of applications as aCGH, expression profiling, tissue and protein arrays. Learn more

Next generation sequencing

Being on the forefront of Genomics developments, ANTISEL provides the leading Next Generation Sequencing platform, the SOLID3. A massively high-throughput instruments to expand research in the fields of Genome analysis, Transcriptome analysis and Epigenetics. Learn more
ion personal genome machine system

Liquid chromatography mass spectometry (LC-MS/MS)

The proposed systems are based on Triple Quadropole technology as well as the unique QTrap technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis up to ppt level. They cover all demands and needs in terms of sensitivity, accuracy, sample throughput etc for a wide range of applications. Learn more


ANTISEL, as exclusive distributor of Applied Biosytems in Greece, provides the highest level of protein coverage, throughput, and confidence in quantitative proteomic analysis, offering the next generation of tandem time-of-flight MS/MS systems in combination with MALDI TOF TOF. The analyzer combines all of the advantages of MALDI in a flexible, easy-to-use, ultra-high-performance mass spectrometer with all the advanced capabilities. Learn more