From Instruments and Reagents to Service and Applications Development and from Food & Environmental to Proteomics Field, the Analytical Business Unit of ANTISEL S.A. supports scientists in academic and applied market to achieve their goals in Sample Preparation, Inorganic Analysis, Gas & Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Materials Characterization, Microscopy, Radiation Measurement and Surface Characterization.


Environmental measurements

For Air, Water, Soil and Hazardous Waste Analysis, Biomonitoring and Industrial Hygiene.

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Petrochemical analysis and biodiesel

For petrochemicals and biodiesel analysis and quality control according to all International Standards.

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Material characterization

For material testing, analysis and characterization according to the industry standards.

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Food flavours and agricultural analysis

For pesticide residues, labeling compliance, authenticity, quality and contaminants in the field of food , flavors and agricultural products.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control

For pharmaceutical products analysis and quality control.

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We help the “Omics” scientific society to simplify complex workflows covering both needs, the reliable unknown identification in large sample sets and the comprehensive quantitation.

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