ANTISEL is also proudly promoting the Thermo Scientific Finnpipette portfolio.The portfolio includes mechanical as well as electronic pipettes.Together with the Finntips, Thermo offers a complete pipetting system.
The Finnpipette F1 are sophisticated manual pipettes combining performance, reliability and comfort. Their special features are described below:


The Finnpipette F2 are Ergonomic, efficient & enduring pipettes. Their special features are described below:

Finnpipette F2

The Clip-Tip Pipetting System utilizes an innovative interlocking technology that lets you actually feel the tips lock firmly in place with just a light touch.The system comprises of the ClipTip pipettes and the ClipTips.
The Thermo pipettes that utilize this technology are the F1 ClipTip manual pipettes and the E1 ClipTip Electronic pipettes.

  • The GX Series are Automated Liquid Handling Systems and come in four models: GX-241, GX-271, GX-274 and GX-281. The systems are fully configurable and can be used for the preparation of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) as well as for general Liquid Handling tasks.
  • The PLC2020 system is a Preparative Liquid Chromatography System


The Thermo Scientific Automated Liquid Handling portfolio includes the Multidrop microplate dispensers (mentioned in the Microplate Instruments section) as well as the large Versette System.
The Versette is an Automated Liquid Handling 6-position system for microplates. Customer can choose between 96 or 384-well air displacement pipetting heads.
The system has a 2-level deck. It can be operated either through the internal software (Touch Screen controller) or through PC with the Contro lMate software.