For Blood Bank Equipment ANTISEL offer the product portfolio of LMB and BARKEY. We offer a wide range of blood bank equipment that includes Tube Sealers, Tube Strippers, Blood Donation Chair, Blood Donation Monitors, Blood Separation, Blood Storage and Plasma Thawing Devices. Our products have advanced features that allows ease of handling and provide complete safety. We offer a comprehensive range of high precision and superior quality blood bank equipment that helps in the entire process of blood collection.
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SEALmatic M
Perfect assistant in blood donation

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● Easy access for the user to insert the tubings
● Only 0.99 sec for one seal
● Tube diameter from 2,5 mm to 6,5 mm can be sealed
● Low hemolysis technology
● High precision switch to activate the seal
● Easy to clean
● Small head for transparency of the sealing process

Manual Tube stripper TS-001

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● High quality aluminum alloy
● Anti-rust, light weight and sturdy
● Ease of cleaning by wiping or soaking in IPA
● Ergonomic design for good grip and stripping
● Ease fatigue over prolong use
● Self-centering roller system keeps tubing in position
● Smooth traction for effective stripping of blood components
● Minimize entanglement with blood tubing

Blood Donation Chair

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Economic, Performant and Stable
Developed to give comfort, security and wellness during long treatments such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Blood transfusions and other medical treatments.
● Comfort: Foam thickness : 12 cm, 3 electrical motors: back rest, variable height and leg rest Smooth electrical motions
● Acessibility: Variable height from 53 to 78 cm
● Hygiene: Coated fabric Upholstery, Easy to clean and maintain
● Pricing: Execellent price/quality relationship
● Security: Red key on the handset to operate the Trendelenburg position, Granted stability

Automatic Tube stripper TS08

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● Easy handling (designed for right and left hand use)
● Non-tiring operation
● Swift and complete stripping of blood bag tubes
● Ideal for all commercial blood bag systems on the market
● Automatically centered tubing fed through pair of rollers by a guidance system
● Main purpose facilitating anticoagulation of blood in blood bag tubing prior to preparing segments
● Changeable stripping speed on power supply
● Power supply with stabilized output, low ripple & low interference, Short circuit & overload protection
● High efficiency and low energy consumption

Blood Donation Monitors

Bagmatic NOVO

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● Small size and extremly light weight
● High portability for mobile use
● Increased efficiency with all experience from Bagmatic SL
● Changeable battery system, no 220 V necessary
● Easy to clean and maintain
● Outstanding stability and long life time
● Bi-directional communication

Bagmatic SL

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● Most reliable and stable technology worldwide
● Complete control of all donations
● 3 ways of safe data transfer
● Analysis of data of donation
● Entirely free programmable and adaptable to our needs
● Free configuration of the software

Blood Separators

Manual plasma extractor

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● Easy to use
● Manual system – accepts all kind of blood bags
● Frame and construction in stainless steel
● Transparent plate for visual control of red cells and / plasma
● Powerful spring


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● Stable, functional and appealing housing.
● Bag holder with universal support for all types of bags on the market. Preventing damage to the edges of the bag during separation. Providing possibilities for easier valve breaking.
● User friendly system with acoustic and visual alarms. Intuitional and comfortable usage without any training procedures.
● Effective fast and leak free clamping.
● Ensures separation without red cell contamination.
● Both automatic and manual clamping modes.
● Highly sensitive sensor system ensures a precise separation.
● Tandem power supply. More than one device can be interconnected.

Platelets Storage


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● Housing made of double-side epoxy laminated steel
● Interior made of stainless steel
● 18/19 AISI 304), exterior laminated in white
● Small rolls with fixing break
● Produced of chrome-plated steel
● Temperature control 22 °C +/- 1 °C.
● Electronically controlled heating and cooling system
● Air circulating fan for the fast assimilation of the target temperature

● Isolation: the cavity between the two metal walls is packed 5 cm with the foam material polyurethane
● Hung-in Glass Door: 3x isolation glass embedded in the aluminium frame
● Framework: lined with refrigerator seal; external door handle
● Stained steel plating: as footprint for Platelet agitator
● Prepared inner wall: for placing of an external measurement probe
● Integrated Temperature Recording: including separate temperature probe


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● Upper section moves over 3,2 cm (+/-2mm) at c. 60 strokes per minute
● Every shelf of Agi 24 and Agi 48 has a capacity of 6 bags
● Built-in stopper prevents accidental drawing out
● Motor cooling done by fan (cooler)
● Every shelf of Agi 96 seizes 12 bags
● Designed in stainless steel
● Each drawer can be operated independently from other drawers
● Designed for silent and reliable long time use

In addition to a wide range of standard devices, Barkey specialises in customised, application-technology dry temperature regulation systems.
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Plasma Thawing/ Fluid Warming Devices

BARKEY Plasmatherm
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Warming Cabinets
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Infusion Warming
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