PCR Amplification

A variety of thermal cyclers are offered by ANTISEL to cover the needs of every laboratory in performance, robustness, speed and reliability. From Industry-standard AB 9700 to the innovative Veriti (system) with the proprietary VeriFlex block, a complete range to meet your present and future needs.

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Real Time PCR

From low throughput research, through molecular diagnostics, to best-in-class high throughput real time PCR systems, ANTISEL offers a complete range of instruments to cover every throughput need, such as:

The StepOne-StepOnePlus family, providing a new and exciting approach to real time PCR instrumentation for bench-space sensitive laboratories which require the maximum in user-friendliness and usability with Veriflex technology and fast PCR.

The 7500/7500 FAST family, providing industry-standard performance and robustness, as well as unparallel multiplexing capability on every research, industry and diagnostic laboratory.

The 7900HT. The best-in-class real time PCR platform, with interchangeable blocks, Taqman ® array compatibility and possibility for automation, providing the highest walk-away throughput available.

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